Saltillo Estrella Con Cruz

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Size: 155 x 155mm

The majority of our Terracottas and Saltillos are “Hand Made”. Therefore they have special properties and traits which we all need to be aware of. Part of the charm and character of handmade terracotta is learning to live with both the good and the sometimes frustrating point s of the material. Colour: As our terracotta is made from naturally occurring clay deposits, not artificially coloured with oxides; you will find that there are colour variations batch to batch as well as piece to piece. This is an inherent quality of the character of terracotta. Even within a single tile, there will be variations. This is a benefit!

Selection of colour: The samples that you may receive can only be an indication of the general colour that occurs within the terracotta of that type. If you are looking for a specific colour way for a job, it is recommended that you, or your customer, come to our warehouse to select and mark crates that suit your particular job requirement .

Finish Characteristics: All our handmade Terracotta and Semi Handmade Terracottas will have certain features that are a part of the product. These include chips, lime pops, hairline cracks and animal prints.

These are NOT defects. This is what makes our Saltillos and Terracottas so attractive and unique. Raw Terracotta is very crude looking. After they are installed, grouted and sealed they are very attractive. When they are properly sealed they are easy to maintain and will literally last forever. We love Terracottas and our customers buy hundreds of them every week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Please make sure you have added an extra 10-15% wastage to allow for breakages and cuts.

Sealing of Cotto: This is an important part of the process and you need to educate yourself in the best form of sealer for the job. There are so many sealing products available today, each with its own benefits.

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